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AFRICA ENGINEERING is today one of the actors of the engineering in Africa. The versatile structure of our office allows us to adapt flexibly to the demands of its market. The motivation and effort of all AFRICA employees is the key to our performance.
Given the needs of the African continent, we have given priority to South-South collaboration. Our primary concern is to respond to needs by providing them with services adapted to evolve and build sustainability.
Our services are increasingly well-known thanks to the high degree of technical skill achieved by our staff and the result of continuous improvement of quality standards, enabling us to be a potential partner in engineering today and tomorrow.

Riadh Bidani

Yassine Ben Salah


AFRICA ENGINEERING is a multidisciplinary research firm located in Tunis but widely open to export in Africa. AFRICA supports its clients partners, companies and public or private institutions, in the identification, design, implementation, monitoring and control of their strategies and projects.

AFRICA ENGINEERING relies on a network of highly qualified engineers, experts consultants international and local partners, to reinforce its intervention potential and extend its skills to specialized areas or complementary to technical studies upgrading and quality management, the environment and safety.


With a decade of experience as experts in sub-Saharan Africa, each partner in his field, AFRICA ENGINEERING’s partners began by creating in 2012 a group of consulting engineers working on behalf of several large companies companies on the market. The idea of ​​combining the skills with complementary disciplines and in collaboration with international partners encouraged them to create AFRICA ENGINEERING.

In 2016, AFRICA ENGINEERING SA was born and aims to become a respected actor with recognized skills, strong collaborators and quality certifications.
In order to take an active part in the battle for the development of their company, they have imposed a mission … to accompany their clients in their projects and have forged a dynamic strategy based on trust, quality of services, reactivity and compliance with their commitments.

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The quality and efficiency of the service rendered is at the heart of AFRICA ENGINEERING’s concerns. This is why the office is recruiting its engineers and technicians. Selected with great demand for their technical skills.

AFRICA ENGINEERING has a fairly large human potential that can develop specific capacities in relation to a expressed need.

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Specify for each action the expected results in quality, cost, time and compliance.


Professionnalisme to work in a supportive way by being available, with a spirit of openness and active listenning to achieve the common objective.


Respect our commitments rigorously. Deal with our customers, our partners, our colleagues, our environment.


Act in all circumstances in the sole interest of the company. Say what you do and do what you say.

Team spirit and leadership

Professionnalisme to work in a supportive way by being available, with a spirit of openness and active listenning to achieve the common objective.

Opening of diversity

To build a mixed, open and supportive business where talents and differences are a strength, like the countries in which we are based.

A attentive and responsive listening to your needs and expectations